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Teaching has always been one of the most satisfying things within the many levels of my career. It is a pleasure to work with those who strive to become more accomplished makeup artists. I have had the honor to not only teach but to learn from each and every one of them. 

Sharing my experiences and intellectual property continues to always be rewarding. Developing my personal skills
in the art of teaching is never ending, allowing creativity, experience and knowledge to be passed on!
Influencing and nourishing fellow artists in the countless ways to become more successful and confident in the art of makeup is what has kept me always wanting to continue to teach for all these years. 
The fact that I do have the opportunity to inspire people's careers in such positive way is truly a wonderful thing.
Join me in a class or two and experience the difference great education really makes!!

New York  Paris  Los Angeles  Rome  Chicago  London  Berlin
Educating in the various salons and schools across the world offers its challenges and rewards. I find myself adapting to their cultures and connect on a personal level with each and every student. 

I restore and energized makeup departments, bringing them to a whole new level! 

If training the hairdresser, receptionist, makeup artists or esthetician, there is always a common thread that runs thru my educational programs! Team effort and product knowledge is what make the difference time and time again.

The very best way to get the makeup dept on the move!
Intrusting me with clients is the ultimate in satisfaction. It allows me to interact with each client on an individual basis, selling them the service of makeup and retail, at the same time educating the staff in the art of the sale.    
The numbers always speak for themselves!!
One on one education allows individuals to customize their own personal needs and desires.

The range of learning is endless…..

Learning how to aggressively work with a client, achieve a perfect wedding/ photo technique or creating the newest style for the calk walk passes on the passion in all of us!

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